The Story

Ainul Cookies & Co is made with passion and love of freshly baked homemade cookies. The ingredients are selected with extra care just to ensure it meets the demanding taste buds of one and many alike. A passion initiated in 2013 with no intention to commercialize,has now to keep up with increasing demand that derives from words of mouth from one happy customer to another. Started with one flavor,now Ainul Cookies & Co has varieties with more to come.

The Founder
Ainul Aishah is a passionate,creative and multi-talented woman who simply loves to share her passion in baking. A personality with acting,singing and modelling in her sleeve,she heightens the height without compromising quality in life since graduated from Multimedia University of Cyberjaya. A newly found career after being in entertainment industry,Ainul Aishah believes that a good combination of baking and business skills,Ainul Cookies & Co will go the distance thus reaching everyone's heart with a touch of love.

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