How to order?
You can place your order via our secure online shop with 3 options. You may choose :
1.) Self pickup
2.) Shipping
3.) Delivery

For self pickup : After you’ve placed your order via our secure online shop, please choose “Pickup” button and proceed with your details. You may pickup at our HQ at No 9-2,Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara,47810 Petaling Jaya,Selangor at between 10am-6pm.
If you wish to pickup earlier before 10am or after 6pm,you may email us for your request and we will try to fulfill the time slot that you wish for.

For shipping : After you’ve placed your order via our secure online shop, please choose “Shipping” button and pick your preferred postal service.

For delivery : For those who prefer delivery service, kindly take note we do daily delivery at Klang Valley area via a third party company - Lalamove. You will be charged accordingly by your area and location radius. How to choose Lalamove is easy. After you've placed your order via our secure online shop, please choose "Shipping" button and pick "Lalamove". 

How to know when my products will arrive?

For customers who opt for shipping :

Once you've checked out and made payment, you will receive a confirmation email and track your order via a 3rd party courier company. The courier company will provide real time tracking, tracking no and contact no for you to communicate in case there's problem throughout the courier process. Also,kindly contact us if they're uncontactable and we will assist you.

For customers who opt for delivery :

Expect a quick delivery within the same day if you opt for delivery service (by a third company delivery service). The latest delivery will be maximum of 3 days.

I'm from Malaysia,can I use Credit Card to make payment online?

We apologise for at the moment payment via Credit Card is unavailable until further notice as we are working on it still.

Is international payment applicable when I shop online and my country is not Malaysia?

Please take note that all international payment includes Bank Transfer,Credit Card/Debit Card are not acceptable on our online shop. Only local banks accepted. We DO NOT SHIP our products due to rules & regulations of all countries' customs for food & beverage products. For customers outside Malaysia,we have 1 authorised agent from Singapore to handle all your orders. We do weekly delivery to send the products to our agent and you may place order manually through our agent or to us. Kindly email/DM us to place order and we will liase you to our authorised agent.

What is the best time to consume the cookies & other desserts?
Cookies is best to consume fresh within a month from the best before date. Expiry date for our cookies is 60 days after you receive your cookies.

Soft cookies is best consumed within 7 days after purchasing.

Brownies,mini donuts and other desserts are best to be enjoyed immediately after you receive your order.

**Kindly take note** : Brownies & Soft cookies are best served hot. Reheat the desserts in microwave oven for 30-40 seconds.

How to take care of the cookies, brownies & other desserts?

For cookies, make sure you keep the container tight after opening to make sure the cookies taste fresh. Do not left your bottle in the car to prevent from being exposed to direct sunlight which can cause damage to the cookies and its taste.

For brownies and other desserts, after you've received your dessert box and haven't eating it yet, please keep it refrigerated. Or you can put it an air tight container and keep it in room temperature for not more than 3 days. Avoid putting in the car to prevent from being exposed to direct sunlight which can cause damage to the desserts and its taste.

Can I change my order after I've purchased it?

Yes,you may change your order within 48 hours after you've placed your order. Our cut off delivery time is 3 days. If you wish to change the impossible, kindly contact us via email [email protected] We will try to sort it out for you if there's an emergency case.

Can you do custom made design & personalised message for the cookies & other desserts?

Yes we can. We have our in house designer to design for you. We can curate any kinds of party packs goodies,doorgifts,gitfbox,seasonal holiday gifts and many more. You may contact us via email [email protected] to propose and discuss on the design further.

Do you cater for events like birthday parties, corporate dinner, weddings,bridal shower and such?

Yes we do. We are available for booking for big or small events on your special or official occasions. We also can curate your own desserts table. Contact us for details!

Do you do sponsorship?

Yes we are open for any great collaborations that is suitable for our brand if both parties agree with the terms & conditions. Do tell us what's on your mind so we can communicate further on this.

What is your cancellation policy?

Should you wish to cancel your order after 48 hours it has been placed, kindly take note that there is NO REFUND given. However, you may get a refund if the cancellation is done within 48 hours from the time you've placed the order. We will charge a 15% cancellation fee for this refund process.

Do you have a shop for customers to come & buy OR do you put your cookies & desserts at other cafes/supermarket?

We don't have a shop and we don't put our cookies & desserts at any cafes/supermarket. You may come and pickup your cookies & desserts at our HQ between 10am-6pm. Kindly take note, since it's not a us first before you plan to come and pickup.

Are there any preservatives?

No,our cookies & desserts are all freshly baked. As good as it gets!

Are there nuts in your cookies and brownies?

We haven't produce any cookies & brownies that contain nuts yet. We will update you on the menu once we have.

Is Ainul Cookies & Co Halal certified?

We are not Halal certified but our products do not contain pork,lard,alcohol or gelatin.

Every weekdays Monday to Friday

We may be in touch via email [email protected] if you have any further inquiries regarding our products, events, parties or any problems occurred when placing or after placing orders. Thank you for visiting our website and please enjoy our "Amazingly Addictive" cookies & desserts!

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